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About Kai


Ever since a little girl, I have always been fascinated with greeting cards. Growing up there were not many cards on the shelves that represented black culture and/or spoke to our unique experiences. I found when searching for a card, I would spend countless hours standing in the middle of store aisles reading numerous cards, hoping to find the perfect one that would encapsulate all I wanted to say to my recipient.   


Only to come up short and later having to go back and add my own words to make it perfect for the person who was to receive it.  You can imagine my frustration, with having to constantly tweak nearly every card I purchased.  Not to mention, it was becoming extremely costly.  


Then fast forward to 2020, the year of the pandemic, small businesses began on the rise. I decided it was time to create my own greeting card line.  Thus, the Especially For You greeting cards were born under my new business Kai’s Creations, LLC.  


My mission is to create personalized greeting cards that have lasting memories all people will enjoy.  

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